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The syllabus for the academic year 2021 has been released. Please refer to this page.

▶ Microbiology (Japanese / English)

Madigan, Bender, Buckley, Sattley, Stahl (2018)
Brock Biology of Microorganisms, Global Edition (English Edition), Pearson
ISBN-13: 978-1292235103

Masato Nakanishi (2020)
“Fighting Infectious Diseases Viruses and Bacteria (Separate Volume Nikkei Science 238)”, Nihon Keizai Shimbun Publishing
ISBN-13: 978-4532512385

▶ Genomic science (Japanese / English)

Seisuke Hattori and Junko Mizushima-Sugano, directed by Sumio Sugano (2015)
“Understanding Genome Medicine Revised 2nd Edition From Basics of Human Genome to Personalized Medicine”, Yodosha
ISBN-13: 978-4758120661

Hiroyuki Fuji (2018)
“Introduction to Bioinformatics (KS Life Science Specialized Book)”, Kodansha
ISBN-13: 978-4065138212

Hidemasa Bono (2017)
“Dr. Bono’s Life Science Data Analysis”, Medical Science International
ISBN-13: 978-4895929011

▶ Microbiology training (Japanese / English)

▶ Genome analysis training (Japanese / English)

Hidemasa Bono and Hiromasa Ono (2018)
“Life science database / web tool: how to use it with illustrations and videos! 18 classic know-how for better research”, Medical Science International
ISBN-13: 978-4815701437

Atsushi Shimizu and Hidemasa Bono (2015)
“Next Generation Sequencer DRY Analysis Textbook”, Gakken Medical Shujunsha
ISBN-13: 978-4780909203

Hidemasa Bono (2019)
“Dr. Bono Data Analysis Practice Lesson for Life Scientists”, Medical Science International
ISBN-13: 978-4815701727

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