Laboratory introduction


Our laboratory was established as the Department of Environmental Genetics and Ecology at the end of July 1, 2019, when Fumito Maruyama joined the Office of Academic research and Industry-Government collaboration , Hiroshima University as a professor, to work on research and development in collaboration with industry, government, and academia in Japan and abroad.

In October of the same year, the Office of Social, Industry, and Academia Collaboration was renamed the Office of Academic and Social Collaboration, and in April 2022, the affiliation was changed to the IDEC  Insitute, as it is today.

The number of members has increased from two to 14 since the laboratory was formed.

Laboratory scenery (living room)

Laboratory principle

Many of Dr. Maruyama’s research themes are working as international joint projects and are widely deployed mainly in South America and Asian countries. We hope that you will participate in our project, build a network with researchers and friends in Japan and overseas, and gain experience that will be a great asset for your future. We will teach graduate students how to independently obtain external research funds and ask them to take on the challenge. In this laboratory, you will study daily to improve your research ability, develop international leadership, and build the ability to start own independent laboratory.


Laboratory scenery (laboratory)